I can’t seem to escape Angry Birds. It has permutated the culture the way Nanopets and Furbies once did, probably even worse. Angry Birds is everywhere. If you visit the Angry Birds online shop,  you’ll see I’m not kidding. You can buy anything from the app itself to clothing, candy, plush dolls, pillow cases, lunch boxes, stationary and more. It has pervaded popular culture. I’m bombarded with the merchandise everywhere I go from the movie theater to the mall to the grocery store.  It is part of the current pop culture lexicon. It may be one of the most popular apps ever and is available on both Google Play and the IPhone store.  Across all platforms over a billion copies have been sold since its release in 2009. There is talk of movies and television shows and there was even a Star Wars sequel! To be perfectly honest I’m a little sick of all the hocking and can’t wait for something new to come along and take the nation by storm. I don’t understand why the birds are so angry and I am vowing not to get sucked into this time sucking trap. 

And yet… I find myself breaking down as we speak. Now I find myself downloading the app. Now I find myself opening the app and disturbing my entire office with the sound of it. Now I’ve politely excused myself to my car to see just what the hubbub is all about. Within five minutes I understand the addictive nature of the game. I get how satisfying it is to level up and the ease of slinging the birds at those poor unsuspecting pig targets and the fun of solving the puzzle of each level. 

 I immediately see the slippery slope I’ve set myself on just by opening the app and playing the first four levels. This ends with me having carpal tunnel. I foresee a national epidemic. This is going to be a serious medical situation as the Millennial Generation eventually ages. I imagine arthritis will spike to an all time high! 

This may be on par with that dark period of time in my life I refer to ass Doodle God December. If you aren’t familiar with Doodle God it’s a charming app by JoyBits Ltd. where you combine various elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) to create new elements or objects. You combine Air and Earth to get Dust or combine Fire and Air to make Energy. Each element has its own icon and specific grouping. As you continue to combine, you start to see the subtle humor that makes the game so interesting. Combine Fire and Water to get Alcohol. Eventually combine a building with Alcohol to get a Bar. The game even has a supernatural element. You can create vampires and other monsters for kicks. The game has a sequel titled Doodle Devil where the game uses the 7 Deadly Sins as a basic starting point and allows you to create new elements with these. If you get stuck, the game offers you hints on how to combine your elements to create something new.  Other sequels of the game are available on the Apple iPhone store and if I hold my breath for long enough Google Play may eventually have them as well. The games are also available on the desktop. You hold the power of creating the universe in your hands. The thrill of the power  is only slightly sick; and the fact that I spent most of the entirety of December during every non-working hour of my life playing every version of the game I could get my hands on probably speaks to my issues with control. 

But back to Angry Birds. Inquiring minds want to know. Why do the birds want to kill the pigs? The pigs are cute in a goofy sort of way.  What is the backstory there? And why don’t the birds have limbs? That’s a little disconcerting when you stop to think about it. Perhaps this is why the birds are so cranky. Maybe the pigs are to blame. Maybe unbeknownst to us unsuspecting humans, the bird and pig populations of the world have long been waging a top secret interspecies war for decades. Or it’s total possible I’m putting entirely too much thought and energy into this and have way too much time on my hands. Maybe we’ll find out when they eventually release the movie. 

What are your thoughts on Angry Birds? Love it, Leave it, or Can’t Live Without it? Any insights into the origin story appreciated as well! Connect with us on FacebookGoogle+, or Twitter!

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